Monday, 18 May 2015


The English Carnival at Zone KDSR 1 Level

Date : 11 May 2015
Venue : SK Padang Setar

SK Tanggol had sent 19 strong team to Padang Setar. It participated in 4 categories - the Action Song, Story Telling, Poetry Recitation and Public Speaking. SK Tanggol had made a great impact at this competition as it garnered the two trophies for the Action Song and the Public Speaking. Congratulations to the team of Action Song, all of whom were the Year 3 pupils and Nurul Syahirah binti Mohamad. You made us proud. Many thanks to the coaches - Encik Abdullah, Puan Anis Sakinah, Puan Norbaizura, Puan Zailawati, the headmaster and Senior Teaching Assistants for continued support. Many thanks to all the "Brighter Future With SK Tanggol".

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